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The Business Coach: How to Choose; What to Expect


Why should you have a business coach?

The purpose of any coach is to point out weaknesses and blind spots. Blind spots in business are often the things keeping us from taking our business to the next level. Professional athletes have understood this for decades. Athletes know there is a need for a coach to point out the things they cannot see in order to help them perform at their very best. In business that person is known as a business coach. The term “Business Coach” has now become a very popular and recognizable term in the business community. As business owners learn about the value of what a business coach can provide to a business, more and more people are seeking out the support and guidance of a business coach.



“Understanding Business Finance”

My intention is… “That you increase your knowledge and capacity in the area of Finance.”   Now a couple of things about this blog… I am not a Financial Planner, Accountant or CPA… so please run any financial decisions you want to make by a licensed professional. This is not a blog on Prosperity or […]