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Coaching Programs

Do you feel that your business is capable of more than it is producing?

Is your business lacking the Systems, Structures & Processes needed for it to go to the next level? Do you feel that you are missing knowledge in critical areas of business? Is your business revenue inconsistent month-to-month?

There are many different ways in which we can support you.

  • Private Business Coaching
  • Group Business Coaching
  • Sales Strategies Boot Camp
  • Financial Essentials Program
  • Business Education Seminar Series

Each of Ascension’s business consulting programs are designed to teach you business – not on a conceptual level, but on a conscious level. I do not want you to know this information. I want you to have integrated this information into who you are. This is what makes our programs so effective. Our programs do not train you from an academic perspective; instead we teach you from a real-world perspective, a perspective that is proven to work.

“Motivation comes from tying the growth of your business to the experiences of life that you are committed to.”

– Aaron Keith

CEO, Ascension Program

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