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Seminar Downloads:

  • “Understanding Business Finance”
  • “Increasing your Performance & Effectiveness as Business Owners”
  • “Motivation – a Life by Design”
  • “Expand your Capacity, Expand your Business”
  • “Powerfully Completing Your Year”

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Book Downloads:

Business Education Micro-Book Series: (description of what this series is…)

  • Sales Acceleration
  • Building a Broad Based Business
  • Having it All
  • Master of Word of Mouth Marketing
  • How to Effectively Communicate about your Business
  • Increasing your Performance & Effectiveness
  • Expand your Capacity, Expand your Business
  • The Mid Year Check-in
  • Scheduling & Task Management Essentials
  • Balance & Success
  • Motivation – A Life By Design
  • Understanding Business Finance
  • Identifying & Overcoming Obstacles
  • Finish the Year Strong
  • Powerfully Completing Your Year (part 1)
  • Consciously Creating Your Year (part 2)