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Free Resources

Below are some free resources that you can start using immediately in your business. These resources are often used during our seminars that you can download and watch. Here at Ascension Programs, I am ongoingly introducing new resources inside of my commitment, that all business owners have access to resources that will make a lasting difference.

Check back soon to see what’s new!

How To Set Up a Proper Schedule

Learn how to properly layout a schedule that will allow you to be effective and have balance.

How To Run a Meeting

Have your staff meetings be effective and flow well each time by designing your meeting agenda.

New Revenue Stream Launch Plan Template

Have a concise plan for how and when you will launch your next successful revenue stream.

Sales Timeline Template

Plan out your Sales Goals for each month of the year using the Sales Timeline template.

Lead Tracking Form Template

Track your statistics; know where your leads came from, how many you have and who converted into a customer.

Job Description Template

Get your staff members and private contractors working effectively and in a systematic fashion by creating Job Descriptions for everyone.

Ideal Employee Description Template

Design who your ideal employee is, so that you can structure your interview process to flush out your ideal employee.

Ideal Client Description Template

This template will guide you thru questions that will help you design who your ideal customer is so that you can set up your marketing to target your ideal customer.

Business & Personal Budget Template

Let Aaron Keith help get your finances organized with a complete Business and Personal budget template.

Annual Planning Checklist Template

This template will guide you step-by-step thru the annual planning process