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Below are video training seminars that have been designed to educate you in specific business distinctions, and that will support you in having a consistently successful business.

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Developing New Revenue Streams

Seminar Intention: “That you leave with a basic understanding of what a broad-based business model is, and with an understanding of how it can impact the stability of your current businesses revenue”

You may be asking yourself, …what is a Broad Based Business?

A Broad Based Business means that you have 4-5 separate but synergistic revenue streams all bringing money into your business.

Business guru’s and business experts have been talking about this business model for years.

You wouldn’t put all your retirement money into one single stock would you? No… you would diversify and put your money in many different areas. Your business is the same way; you want to have money coming in from several different areas.

By applying the Broad Based Business model, to your existing business it will allow you to create “consistent revenue” month after month, and have your revenue be “stable” year after year, which will allow you to thrive in any economic condition.

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Seminar Intention: “That you leave the seminar with a higher level of confidence & effectiveness with the 4 critical areas of word of mouth marketing”

Do you need more customers to fulfill on you goals for the year?

In order to generate new customers consistently throughout the year we need to market and that marketing needs to be effective!

Have your Marketing efforts been producing you the kinds of results that you were looking for?

The “Word of Mouth Marketing” Seminar is all about teaching you what to do to master the 4 different facets of Word of Mouth Marketing.

You will learn how to be more effective in these 4 Area’s:

  •  Referral
  •  Past Customers
  •  Professional Alliance
  •  Networking

If you want more referrals… you want to participate in this seminar.

If you want to know how to manage your past customers… you want to participate in this seminar.

I know people who network all the time… and bring in little to no business.

This Seminar is not just about knowing how to Market in these 4 ways, its about becoming extremely effective at it!


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Scheduling & Task Management Essentials

Seminar Intention: “That you understand how to be more organized, efficient & productive through improving your relationship to scheduling and task management”

Do you really know how to properly set up an effective Schedule for yourself? I don’t mean just for your Business, but for your Personal Life too.

See most business owners do not know how a proper schedule needs to be set up so that it supports them at being highly effective!

Do you know how to properly manage and control your never-ending To-Do List that we as business owners are faced with?

Most business owners do not know how to effectively manage and execute their To-Do List, along with all the other task involved in running a successful business!

During the “Scheduling & Task Management Essentials” Seminar, I will coach you in how to design an effective Schedule that is custom tailored to fit you and the needs of your business.

This properly designed schedule will allow you to increase your Capacity, Organization, Productivity, and your overall Effectiveness a business owner. We will also address how to properly and effectively manage your nagging To-Do List, and all of the other Tasks you are responsible for as a business owner.

We will start off by dissecting the Systems involved in proper Scheduling & Task Management. Then, we will address the Mindset required in being consistent and effective with your Schedule and To-Do’ List.

Here is a short YouTube clip on this seminar:

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Balance & Success

Seminar Intention: “That you see how your relationship to balance directly affects your ability to have a consistent and successful business”

Do you produce great results in your business one month, but then the next you can’t produce a result to save your life?

Do you achieve a goal, and then realize that you have sacrificed your wellbeing to achieve it?

Have you noticed that you are starting to lose that zest and excitement for building your business?

Is there a certain point that you have just not been able to pass, as if you have hit a ceiling?

All of this is a symptom of not having enough Balance in different areas of your Business & Personal life.

This seminar has been 7 years in the making; and during this seminar, you will get to the source of what is causing these experiences to show up in your business.

In the “Balance & Success” Seminar, we will be working with the distinction “Balance” in a totally new way. I will show you how to integrate balance through different structures so that your business can consistently thrive and your personal life can consistently thrive as well!

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Motivation – A Life by Design

Seminar Intention: “That you have access to authentic motivation, by connecting your businesses growth to the experiences in life that you are committed to having.”

I would like to personally invite you to a very special Seminar. The topic is on “Motivation – a Life by Design”. Authentic motivation is a critical element in the sustained success of every business owner.

A powerful way to cultivate authentic motivation is by having your businesses financial goal, intimately tied to the experiences of life that you are truly committed to.

In this Seminar, we are going to have a very direct conversation about your future and what you really…no kidding want to have in your future, in all 7 areas of your life. Then I am going to show you how to tie each area back to your businesses financial goal.

Motivation is key in building a successful business. We need motivation to get us through the tough parts and to keep our head in the game. Knowing “why” we are doing all this is critical to our success.

Here is a short YouTube clip on this seminar:

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Understanding Business Finance

Seminar Intention: “That you understand how to properly manage your finances as a business owner”

Do you really know how to properly set up and manage your Business & Personal Finances?  If you are like most business owners the answer is No.

Having the proper knowledge around Finance is critical to the continued success of any business.  Having the proper Systems in place in the financial department of your business is also critical to the success of any business.

This month’s seminar is on “Understanding Business Finances”.

To the degree that you manage your current money with integrity, is to the same degree in which you can have more of it.

Your lack of knowledge & systems in the area of Finance is a tremendous block to the growth of your business! By increasing your “Financial IQ” you will be able to increase your Capacity to handle more money.

Throughout the seminar, you will also learn about the different Systems that need to be in place in order for your finances to work smoothly.  This includes how to properly set up and use a Budget.  We will also cover the different types of expenses that most business owners don’t understand or know how to correctly manage!

As we work you will see how your relationship to your finances, affects your ability to make more money and keep more money for yourself.  If you want to feel more confident and in control over the financial future of your business then I strongly recommend you attend this Seminar.

Here is a short YouTube clip on this seminar:

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Increasing Your Performance & Effectiveness as a Business Owner

Seminar Intention: “To distinguish and then impact how you perform in & around your business, so that your performance & effectiveness as a business owner will go through the roof”

Every single business owner has room to improve their Performance and their Effectiveness. By participating in this seminar, you will get past those superficial blocks, and we will uncover your core blocks that have been holding you back from consistently performing at a high level.

Your core blocks cost you Time and they cost you Money.

During this seminar, we are going to work on the 3 main Area’s that impact your Performance:

  1. Your Physical Environment
  2. Your Systems & Structures
  3. And Your Personal Habits

The work we will be doing will not only uncover your core blocks, but I will teach you what Systems, Structures & Processes need to be put in place so that you can disappear those blocks and begin operating consistently, as a highly effective business owner.

Your ability to consistently operate at a high level will allow you to better manage your business, which will make you more money and give you more free time.

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Expand your Capacity, Expand Your Business

Seminar Intention: “That you uncover what your current capacity is, and understand how it’s affecting the growth and consistency of your business”

There is a particular distinction that allows businesses to rapidly expand… and that distinction is called “Capacity”.

For example, if you have a glass of water that only holds 8 oz. then can it hold 10 oz.? Obviously no it can’t, it can only hold 8 oz.

See many business owners have been trying to fit 10 oz. of Money, 10 oz. of Customers, or 10 oz. of staff into their 8 oz. glass. Then you get upset when it does not fit!

If you try to fit more than 8 oz. in your glass, what happens is it spills over and makes a mess…, which is what happens to many business owners as they are trying to grow their business.

Throughout this seminar, you will uncover where your Mental Capacity, Emotional Capacity and Physical Capacity have been  diminished, and you will see how that is holding you back from being able to take your business to that next level and keeping it there!

During this seminar on Capacity, we actually expand your cup so that it can hold a tremendous amount more.

Here is a short clip on this seminar:

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How to Powerfully Communicate About Your Business

Seminar Intention: “How to powerfully and effectively communicate what you do in any situation, no matter who you are speaking with, what you are doing, or where you are”

The information that we are covering in this Seminar is on a very unique aspect of Business that is rarely taught.

Did you know that 80% of communication is non-verbal? What that means is that there are multiple things going on that effect the effectiveness of our communications

It’s inside this 80% where you can unlock a tremendous amount of potential in how effective your communications are in and around your business. Knowing this information is critical for business owners and unfortunately, it’s not often taught.

It’s up to you to create an opening in a conversation and turn that conversation into an opportunity for business. In a matter of seconds a person that you are talking with will either become interested; or they will move on with their day. How that interaction goes is entirely up to you!

During this Seminar, we will be working on how you can improve on all the aspects of your verbal and physical communication skills. In today’s digital world the art of verbal & physical communication is rapidly fading.

Many of the people who have participated in this seminar reported back, that they had produced more leads and closed more sales directly from using the tools they learned during this seminar.

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How To Accelerate Your Sales

Seminar Intention: “That you understand your relationship to Sales, and how that relationship affects your effectiveness”

In the business world, January is a very important month for business owners because we often use this month to start building up momentum behind our newly create annual sales goals by building up momentum behind each of our Products & Services.

Buy building up momentum it therefore accelerating our Sales; this acceleration sets the tone for how the first part of our year is going to go.

During this Seminar, we are going to talk about a variety of areas that affect your ability to accelerate your sales.

  • We are going to address the key Systems & Structures that will have you be effective at Sales.
  • Then we will create a strong Mental Game for you, that will support you in being effective when your doing Sales.
  • We are going to talk about how to Build up and then keep the Momentum behind your sales.
  • We are going to address the Distractions that impede your ability to be effective at Sales.
  • We will address proper Time Management in relation to your Sales Goals.

This Seminar is designed to not only reinforce the work you did around your Annual Planning in December’s seminar, but to propel you into the new year with a great deal of momentum!

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