Clients experience an average increase of 128% in revenue in just 7 months.

Our programs take businesses to the next level, by teaching business owners how to build financially consistent and sustainable businesses. Here are some testimonials from some of our clients who have participated in our various business development programs.

Ascension/ Aaron Keith has helped our business grow over 90% in just six months. If that sounds was. It also was amazing to see and even better having a sharp minded individual like Aaron help and guide new results.
As a massage therapist, my business had plateaued at $42K/year. Since working with Aaron Keith the last 15 months my business has grown exponentially. I now make more than $120K/year, have 6 people working for me and have purchased my first house. Take the coaching and YOU WILL produce results!
I did not realize how dire of a situation my company was in, and without Aaron’s coaching, I would have had to close my doors.   With his coaching I have increased my profit 100%, Increased my sales by 85%. He coached me to be a better leader with my employees, financially understand and stabilized my company, and increased my ability to manage the company, my employees, and my overall confidence and personal power. I thank Aaron for his commitment to me and to the success of my company and the employees.
I found Aaron when my business was first starting out in May 2006. Over the last year, Aaron has helped me lay the groundwork for a start-up business to become a successful, long-term venture. Specifically, he helped me to understand at a much deeper level what is required to succeed as an entrepreneur, to put procedures in place which increased my efficiency and effectiveness many-fold, to set and reach goals weekly, monthly, and semi-annually. My business is beginning its second year, and it is thriving – due in large part to Aaron and his consistent support, encouragement, and challenge to take the next biggest step in developing my business. Without Aaron, it could have taken years to put this foundation in place, and we accomplished it in less than one.
When I began coaching with Ascension a year and a half ago, I had just embarked on starting my own business.  Participating in the Group Coaching with Aaron Keith has provided me with essential structures to allow me to grow my business exponentially. While coaching with Aaron, my revenue has increased by 183% and we are still growing! His coaching has assisted me in developing processes, policies and procedures to ensure my business runs efficiently and effectively.  Aaron has been an excellent resource and guide and has provided me with the tools I need to continue to grow and stabilize my business.  I would recommend Ascension Coaching to any new business owner!
I had never worked with a business coach and wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I begin working with Aaron we immediately 'clicked' and I knew my business would never be the same. Aaron has done exceptional job helping me setup my business, clarify my services and goals, and develop a sound foundation that I know is repeatable and scalable. The results have been phenomenal. In the first four months of working with Aaron, I've increased my revenues by more than 200% and I now have a stable business that I’m confident can scale. Aaron is an exceptional coach and guide, both professionally and personally, and his proven processes and structure create real results - he's also a true professional and a joy to work with.   I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to build a lasting and successful business.
Aaron Keith is an incredibly knowledgeable business coach who has been instrumental in the growth and success of my business.  Having a coach like Aaron on your team should be a necessity for anyone who has business. When I first started working with him my income was very inconsistent and I was experiencing challenges with my customer retention and with understanding how to properly manage my money.  After only 5 months, my finances are organized and now I am able to save at least half of what I earn each month. My income has not only become stable, but we also increased my revenue by 233% within 5 months! Not only has my monthly income continued to grow, but my business is now rock-solid and I have a completely full coaching practice with the systems and processes to keep it this way. Aaron is not just a business coach, when you work with him you will see every aspect of your life prospering. Aaron I could NOT have done this and be where I am at without you, you are truly amazing…
Working with Aaron Keith is absolutely the best decision that I have made for my business!  I started working with Aaron within two months of launching my business. Aaron’s guidance helped me grow my business from the beginning stages, to full capacity in the first year!  I now have a client waiting list, am completely booked, and am working the hours that give me the greatest balance.  -I began seeing immediate results after working with Aaron.  The coaching was paying for itself by the second month of the program.    -The increase in sales by the second month of coaching more than covered the cost of coaching!  -My income increased more than 1,700% after working with Aaron for 18 months.
I started my 2 businesses based solely on my passion!  Aaron has taught me that in order to be of true benefit to my clients I need to not just love what I do but learn how to be a business owner.  Aaron has been an amazing coach in teaching me structures to put into my business in order to be successful.  Loving what you do is an important part but knowing how to continue doing what you love is critical.... During his 6 week Sales Boot Camp I have over doubled my revenue!
Working with Ascension has been a very rewarding experience to say the least.  My business revenue has increased 100% in under 12 months. My business systems have gone from broken to well oiled and are constantly being refined so my time can be focused on my core competencies and growing the my company. I have a brilliant team in place and have developed my leadership skills so that I can be effective with my team and inspire them to be their best! Aaron's approach is real and direct and he comes to the table with such a high level of integrity. The results we have achieved together have exceeded my expectations! I am creating the business and life of my dreams!
I have been working with Aaron Keith for nine months now and I can honestly say that he has helped guide me and coach me into having a much fuller and joyful life. I met the financial goal I initially set with Aaron in the timeframe (6 months) that we laid out. I am currently making more money in one month than I was in one year as an author. But more than that is the sense of achievement and true happiness I feel at reaching my goals. We are constantly expanding. The best thing about Aaron is that he truly cares about his clients and as a coach he knows how to do just the right amount of hand-holding when needed, and when you need an extra push, he doesn’t hesitate to give you that push. Hiring Aaron as my coach was the best thing I have ever done for my career, my family, and myself.
I have been a part of a Group Coaching Program with Ascension, delivered by Mr. Aaron Keith for the past 12 months now and can attest that his approach has enabled me to increase my businesses revenue by 195%.  Aaron’s coaching, suggestions, guidance and insight, has been detrimental to the financial success of my business even in this somewhat weak economy.
Hiring Aaron as my business coach was a transforming decision. Aaron gave me the tools and confidence to revolutionize my business. His superb intuition helped me focus on the key issues that were blocking my success, and his deep commitment to my growth propelled me to change. In one year of coaching, during the worst economy seen in my lifetime, I more than tripled my business income. I now know not only how to use my skills to make money, but how to run an effective, growing company. I could not have done it without Aaron Keith.
I have been working with Aaron for less than a year and with his insight and detailed approach to coaching, I've been able to diversify and expand my business fourfold.  One of the best parts of working with Aaron has been that he's helped me overcome the things that have been holding me back and to create a vision for my life that encompasses not only my business but my personal life as well.  While growing my business, Aaron has helped me to take more time off and have more fun than I've had in years.  I can't speak highly enough about my coaching experience with him.
This was my first experience with a business coach and I did not know what to expect. Aaron, has been an excellent coach and has guided me in building my business over the last 6 months. He is intelligent, accessible, and engaged in my success. Aaron also has continually focused me on the most important areas that will truly grow my business. Since working with Aaron, I have increased sales by 129%, have become a better manager, and have created processes and systems that now help me run my business proactively rather than reactively. I would recommend Aaron to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
What a great year of growth and change has been had.  When I met Aaron, my goal was to achieve balance in my life while growing my business and passive income. Over the last year I have increased my net worth by 40% and increased my passive income by 75% all while working less and spending more time with my wife and two daughters.  With his help, we have been able to spend over 75 nights in 7 months at our vacation home. Aaron has an ability to figure out what is keeping you from your potential, helps you unlock that and grow beyond what you imagined.  He helps you get rid of the nonsense and focus on the important things. I highly recommend Aaron’s coaching and programs
I had been in coaching for 6 years before I hired Aaron as my personal business coach. Aaron has taken my business to new heights. I have now been in coaching with Aaron for over 3 years. In that time, my business has more than doubled. More importantly, I am experiencing balance in my life, control over my finances, discipline in my schedule, connection to my goals and so much more. I have pushed through ceiling after ceiling of limited thinking that was holding me back in my business. I am still growing and can't wait to see what the future holds for me and for my business. I believe in coaching, it has changed my life. We just can't do it alone!
I have been a one-on-one coaching client of Aaron’s for the last 4 years (since 2008).   Within six months of working with Aaron, my income doubled and has been steadily increasing since.   Aaron is essential to my business: he holds me accountable, continually compels me to set and attain new goals, encourages me to strive for new challenges and ensures I maintain a balance between my work and personal life.   In addition to being an excellent coach, Aaron is an incredibly genuine, honest and caring person, which makes working with him all the more rewarding. If you have a business, you need to consider working with Aaron, it WILL make a difference in your business and in your LIFE!
I began coaching with Aaron Keith in October 2011.  At that time I was in desperate need for systems and a clear business plan with structure, accountability and consistency.  Through coaching, I have more than doubled my sales volume and have increased my net commissions consistently each month.  My Team has also grown to one Full Time Buyers Agent and one Full Time Administrative Assistant and I am in the process of hiring a second Assistant.  Aaron's coaching has been invaluable to me, I now have the focus and the accountability that I need to continue growing my business each year. 
Just a quick note to tell you I’ve just completed my scheduled sales calls. Due to the info received in the Sales Acceleration Seminar, I was able to change my perspective from fear and hesitation to a mindset/context of “Limitless & Lucrative, Fun, Successful, Confident & Eager”! I remembered the story you told about building a Cathedral and that’s exactly what I just did with my calls—I’m building my Cathedral! Thank you so much for the empowering and informative Seminar! Implementing it is already helping!
I recently hired Aaron Keith as my business coach to get my business more structured and myself more organized. Immediately Aaron identified key people I needed around me to shore up different areas of my business. These initial changes saved me tens of thousands of dollars, gave me peace of mind and gave me more control over these key areas. The strategy and planning that Aaron is taking me through has given me a clearer vision of what is possible for my business and a formal plan that is designed to elevate sales. I have coaches in several areas of my life because having someone who is looking out for what matters to you, really works! My business is valuable to me and that is why I have Aaron as my business coach.
It has been my pleasure working with Aaron Keith as he has helped prosper not only my business, but has also helped me grow as a business owner.  Aaron has devised specific systems & procedures for me and my staff to follow, which has guided me on a path to success. Keeping my business on track used to be a challenging task but Aaron has always been there to help keep it easily manageable. He has helped me remain organized, precise, and productive in all aspects of my business. Aaron always makes himself available and is always willing to help in whatever way he can.  With his guidance, he has helped my business, and my team, grow to heights I’ve never thought capable. Aaron’s coaching is not only intelligent and efficient, but it is effective. Aaron’s coaching is the greatest asset to my business and I am extremely appreciative of everything he has done for me and my team.
Aaron Keith is to business coaching what CrossFit is too personal training.  No matter how good you think you are before, after you suddenly realize how much better you can be. In a short time, Aaron has brought our business to a new level by implementing systems to strategically maximize our time, expand our team, and to increase sales with a logical, systematic approach.  We are able to brainstorm with him on a weekly basis, company owner to company owner, on how to run a stronger business – on every level!
Working with my business coach, Aaron Keith had been very eye opening. I originally hired Aaron to support me in taking my team, along with my personal sales business to the next level. Over the last 11 months we have created and implemented key business development systems that have led to an improved team structure, culture and agent productivity.  I now have an effective team model that I can rely on. Aaron has worked with me to better leverage my time and resources; we have hired key staff, created a more diverse and reliable marketing plan. Most importantly Aaron has improved my performance as a CEO by addressing limitations he uncovered in my mindset. The guidance, support and accountability that he provides has allowed me to stay competitive as one of the top teams in Douglas Elliman and continue my success in the ever changing New York real estate market.
I engaged Aaron Keith as my business coach to support myself and my team as we were growing quickly. The first thing Aaron supported us with, was to see the importance of having proper business systems in place and how these systems will support everyone in being more successful on my team. The second thing he supported me with was becoming more balanced as a CEO. I have a very busy life; there is my TV show Million Dollar Listing New York, my real estate company, speaking and my personal life. Aaron was there to support me in gaining more balance as I continued to expand!