“How to Accelerate your Sales”

My intention is… “That you Understand your relationship to Sales, and how that relationship Affects your Effectiveness.”


What makes someone effective at Sales is their Mental preparation and their Physical preparation.

Here is an example of what I mean.

How effective an Olympic skier is during the race has to do with the countless hours of mental preparation, and physical preparation that they put in, prior to actually standing at the starting gate.

Everything that takes place during that 2-minute race including how effective they are, is a culmination of all the mental & physical preparation that took place leading up to that day…and that is why they are so successful at Skiing.

See I can create the most amazing Sales Action Plan in the whole wide world but if the person doing those actions has not done the Mental Preparation or Physical Preparation, then that plan won’t make much of a difference!


One facet of our mental preparation is our Context. See to be effective at sales and selling you want to have an empowering context towards Sales. Your mindset influences your actions, and your actions influence the results you produce.

It’s a good idea to write out what your empowering context will be in the area of sales. That way you can true yourself up to this context before you engage in doing sales activates. This will help you maximize your effectiveness.


Now let’s look at another facet of mental preparation.

Did you now that is it possible to achieve your Sales Goal without taking all of the necessary actions?

…how is that possible? It’s possible because of the power of one’s Commitment.

“Out of our commitment to something, opportunities arise that bridge the gap from where we are now, to where we want to be.”


Here is something to think about given what we have covered up to this point.

You can be Committed and be suffering and miserable. Or you can be Committed and experiencing fun and ease. The difference is having an empowering context + commitment!

We often start off the year excited and committed, then as things happen during the year our commitment starts to fade.


What causes our commitment to fade?

There are several things that can contribute to our commitment fading.

  • We forget why we are doing all this.
  • We lose site of the big picture.
  • Our context fades.
  • We are not staying present too what we wanted the money for.


One of the most common thing I see business owners run into is that they are not 100% committed to their sales goal and their motivation level around their sales goal is also diminished.


See if we just set a Sales Goal because of a logical reason that is not enough to keep us Committed.

Something that keeps us Committed is that we have a correlation between our Sales Goal and the experiences that emotionally engage us!

Your Sales Goal is not just a sales goal; your sales goal allows you to pay for many of the experiences you said you wanted to have.

That’s why it’s so important to have structures, to remind us of why we are doing this. Because when we stay present to those experiences that our sales goal provides us in our lives, we will also stay Committed!


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~ Aaron Keith

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