“How to effectively communicate about your Business”

My intention is… “How to powerfully and effectively communicate what you do I any situation no matter who you are speaking with, what you are doing or where you are.”

Do you know why is it so important to be able to powerfully and effectively communicate what you do in any situation, no matter who you are speaking with, what you are doing, or where you are?

Because it’s up to you to create an opening in a conversation and turn that conversation into an opportunity for business. In a matter of seconds a person that you are talking with will either become interested; or they will move on with their day. How that interaction goes is entirely up to you!

If you cannot communicate powerfully, people may not take you seriously or they may judge your credibility. This often causes business owners to miss out on opportunities!

You may be amazing at what you do, but if you are fidgety and are stumbling all over your words, often people will equate that to you not being experienced or qualified and they will not be interested in finding out more about your business.

Being effective at marketing your business starts with your ability to communicate effectively.  If you cannot communicate effectively then you cannot market effectively.

Therefore, if you want your social media strategy to be effective, or the strategy you have to target the different groups of people in your database to be effective, then you will want to hone your ability to communicate effectively in business.


Is the purpose of explaining what our business does, to try to Sell people?


… No!


Trying to sell people during a conversation like this will actually have you be NOT effective!

What you say must be appropriate for ANY situation. This should be something that you can say if someone asks you at a funeral, what you do for a living.

The purpose of this communication is to simply communicate in a clear & interesting way what it is that you do. And to create an opening in a conversation such that someone will want to find out more about what we do. That’s it!

This kind of communication falls under the area of Marketing, and the intention of marketing is to simply build interest.


Communicating verbally is easier than communicating using a written form like email. When you communicate verbally, you can see the other person’s reactions and can judge how well the communication is landing. When it’s a written communication you can’t do any of those things. Learning how to be effective verbally will dramatically help your written communications.


This is an opportunity to work on mastering how you communicate in and around your business. Knowing what to say is just the first level of communicating powerfully and effectively.

To master this skill you will want to focus on all 3 Aspects of communication.


The 3 Aspects are:


1)      What you said.

2)     How you said it.

3)     How you are, when you are saying it.


Knowing what to say is just the beginning. Practicing “How” you say it, and “How You Are” when your saying it, is where the mastery comes together!


What I recommend you do next is craft what you will say when someone asks you, what you do?

Here is some criteria to guide you in crafting your statement.


Statement Criteria:


1)      Needs to be clean, clear, & concise. It should be very clear what you do for a living.


2)     You want to say it in a way that is interesting.


3)     This should be something that you should be able to say in any situation if someone asks you what you do; even at a funeral. In other words not salesy.


4)     Your statement should take you 15 seconds or less to say.


After you have crafted your 15 second statement you want to practice saying it. The best way is to mock it to yourself in the mirror… I know that may sound weird but it really works well.


And remember you want to practice saying it in a way that is sociable, and in a way that is professional. That is where the Mastery comes in!

After you have crafted your response to the question, “so what do you do?”. The next part of the conversation you want to get effective with is when they respond back and say “wow that sounds interesting, can you tell me more about what you do?”

When you follow up to that question, you want to be able to further explain what you do in a clear and interesting way.

When you explain “more about what you do”, people start to figure out if what you do applies to them! Which is a very important connection that you want people to make.  From a psychological perspective that’s what’s happening over with the person your speaking with. They are trying to figure out how what you do, applies to them and their life.

One way to communicate more about what you do is to explain the different ways in which you work with people. You can also share with them, the difference you are committed to making for others!

Again you want to practice saying this in a interesting way! Not a sale’y way!!!


When your involved in a networking conversation you don’t want to put the person you are talking to asleep or have them bored to tears! You needs to be able to dove tale off your 15 second statement right into this detailed explanation of what it is that you do and how it is that you do it.

Keep in mind that what you say should be conversational and said it in a way that Engages people!

Remember this further explanation of what you do and how you do it needs to be concise and not a long winded story; No tangents or off shoots!


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~ Aaron Keith

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